About Us

SoluSys Consulting is a privately owned company which commenced operation in 2013 to render professional services to the broadcast & telecommunication industry of Middle Eastern, African & South East Asian regions. The company having its head office in Colombo, Sri Lanka, specializes in providing professional services such as consultation, design and implementation of Broadcast radio and television systems and specialized rigging services.

The world is becoming more and more competitive and multinational manufacturers struggle to keep their overheads low in order to provide competitive professional services. Thus it is seen the multinational manufacturers out sourcing their system integration & professional services to smaller companies who are able to control their overheads and provide professional services to international standards but at competitive prices. The aim of SoluSys Consulting is to provide such professional services to multinational suppliers and regional operators at competitive prices but rated to international standards by assuring quality & reliability.

SoluSys Consulting employs a skilled and the knowledgeable team which is the strength for the progress of the company. The company currently employees a team of qualified sales manager, project manager, HR consultant, legal consultant, safety consultant, engineers, accountants, technicians, draftsmen, coordinators, supervisors, riggers & administrators who come with several years of related experience.

The company maintains a high health and safety standard and at all times endeavors to provide a safe working environment to all its employees. Employees are at all times provided with the safety procedures, training and suitable personal protective equipment.

The company has strong relationship with some of the leading manufacturers in the industry. The team poses commendable knowledge in broadcast radio and television systems and specialized rigging services and hence are able to provide reliable customized solutions when deemed necessary. Every project is unique in some way and special attention is provided to each and every project to ensure fullest satisfaction of the end user. Solutions are always derived keeping in mind the mandatory technical requirements and the available budgets.

Dedication, hard work and passion for technology are the key factors of the team which enables the company to meet the most challenging deadlines and maintain the highest possible quality of work. The company believes that customer satisfaction is the key factor for the growth of the company.