Field of Expertise

SoluSys Consulting specializes in radio & television broadcasting systems and rigging services. May it be a small FM transmission system, a high power medium wave transmission system, a large scale digital TV roll out, Installation of a tall broadcast tower or a complicated broadcast antenna system, we have the required expertise in house. We render professional services for the below specified fields of broadcasting and rigging.

  • Terrestrial Analogue & Digital TV Transmissions
  • Terrestrial FM & DAB Transmissions
  • Analogue & DRM Medium Wave Transmissions
  • Earth Stations & TVRO Systems
  • Program Input & Monitoring Systems for Radio & TV
  • Digital TV (DVB) & Digital Audio (DAB) Headends
  • Microwave & STL Networks
  • Fiber Optic Networks
  • Mobile Radio & TV Transmission Units
  • Electrical & Cooling Systems
  • Broadcast Antenna Systems
  • Broadcast Filters, Combiners & Patch Panels
  • Self-Supporting Towers & Guyed Masts
  • Tower & Mast Foundations
  • Television Studio Systems & MCR
  • Radio On-Air, Production Studios & MCR