Projects In Progress

Installation of Telecommunication Towers

  Client: Digicel Tower Company - Myanmar
  End User: Ooredoo - Myanmar
  Site: Several

The project involves supply of experienced rigging teams with supervisors to erect telecommunication self-supporting towers all over the country in Myanmar. Two rigging teams comprising ten experienced riggers and a supervisor per team has been deployed for the purpose in Myanmar. The number of rigging teams is expected to increase drastically during the course of this year.

100kW Medium Wave Antenna System Integration and On Site Installation

  Client: Pulse Information Technologies – Sultanate of Oman
  End User: Public Authority for Radio & Television – Sultanate of Oman
  Site: Haima – Sultanate of Oman

The project involves system integration, installation & commissioning of a 100kW Medium Wave Antenna system which includes a 260m base insulated mast with Phillystran guy wires and guy insulators, radial earth system and a 100kW analogue and DRM compatible antenna tuning unit. The project also includes the construction of base and guy anchor foundations for the mast and a building for the antenna tuning unit. The entire system will be designed and delivered by Kintronic labs Inc. The ATU shall be manufactured by Kintronic Labs Inc, the insulators shall be from Austin Insulators Inc and the 260m guyed mast shall be designed and fabricated by Valmount Structures. Project completion period is expected to be approximately 10 months.

Several Self Supporting Tower Paint Retrofitting Works

  Client: LeBLANC Communications - Malaysia
  End User: Etisalat – Sri Lanka
  Site: Storage Yard & Several Sites in Sri Lanka

The project involves paint retrofitting works for hundreds of green field and roof top towers of heights ranging from 12m to 120m from LeBLANC Communications Malaysia. The work is being carried out with 8-10 experienced rigging teams, each team consisting 6-7 riggers. The estimated completion period for the works is approximately 12 months.