Unobstructed Signal Level With Known ERP

Antenna Height (m)
3dB Beam Width (Deg)
Down Tilt (Deg)
Radio Horizon Upper 3dB (km)
Horizon Lower 3dB (km)
Center of Beam Width Horizon (km)
Frequency (MHz)
Tx Power (W)
Antenna Gain (dB)
ERP (dBm)
Signal Level at Lower 3dB Horizon (dBm)
Signal Level at Center Beam Horizon (dBm)
Signal Level at Upper 3dB Horizon (dBm)
Enter antenna height,3dB beam width of the antenna, down tilt of the antenna, frequency, transmitter power and antenna gain to obtain signal level. These values are only valid for unobstructed signal path for real paint applications. Verify with engineering consultant.